3 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Blog Content

Repurposing Blogs with Content Investments.

As a blogger or content creator, it’s essential to be able to come up with new ideas you can share with your audience. But some people become so focused on feeding their readers with new ideas that they forget to help their audience rediscover the old ones.

If you have been maintaining your website for quite a while now, you probably have archives of fantastic ideas by far. Some of the blogs on your site might already be a couple of years old, but we’re pretty sure that a lot of them are still relevant up to this day.

Why You Want to Repurpose Your Blog

So, instead of digging up new ideas for your website, why not dust off some of your old content and put them in the center once again. Aside from helping you create a deep well of article topics for the rest of the year, it will also enable your newbie followers to check out some of your oldest content.

When you take old content and transform it into something new, this is what you call repurposing blog content. In line with that, here are three ways to do it.

1. Syndicating Content

For people in the content writing world, we know that duplicate content is bad news. So, there aren’t many people who are a fan of content syndication.

Syndicating content means posting some of your already existing content on another website. The first time around, it might sound a bit similar to duplicate content.

The tiny difference is that in content syndication you look for websites that allow users to post already existing content.

Neither one of the websites will be penalized for duplicate content as long as you make sure that the site where the material was posted initially has a canonical tag.

Using this content writing strategy, you will be able to introduce your content and website to a brand new audience.

2. Article Spin-Offs

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran blogger, you know that listicles are all the rage on the internet these days.

You might have already published dozens of these types of content before. But you never know. Maybe there are some interesting aspects of the listicle article that you have not entirely given a focus on before.

To create an article spin-off means re-reading some of your already published content and looking for a new angle that you can post as one of your latest blogs.

3. Videos And Infographics

We assume that everyone who follows our blog is people who love to read, but some of them only happen to share the same interests as ours.

Sure, they may not mind reading some of our blogs, but if you want to keep your readers going, it’s still a good idea to repurpose your content for the sake of your digital audience.

Infographics are an excellent way to make your key points more visually appealing. Plus, it also encourages likes and shares on social media.

For videos, on the other hand, digital marketers have proved for a long time that people are more prone to clicking on a video compared to either an article or image.

It’s one thing to look for new ideas. It’s another thing to turn them into something engaging. You’ll be surprised how easier it is to craft engaging content out of your old blogs.

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