Common Questions

Why do I need to invest in contents?

Now that everything is basically run by technology, it will be best for your business to be as updated as possible. People want informative and credible sites, so you need to create fresh, relevant, and high-quality contents. Remember, you are what you speak.

What If I don’t like the contents?

1+1 = 2. You do not pay for it. We will do the refund to your account. However, you can’t use the articles if that happens. The ownership remains to us. Let us know what you do not like about it, though. Maybe we can still work on it, right?

Who are your writers?

Our writers are a pool of high-quality freelance writers in different professional fields. We can assure you that the writers we assign on the project you need have their own experience and background for it.

Can I talk directly to the writers?

Yes, if you want to clarify things with them, you can talk to them directly.

Unfortunately, we do not allow it but fret not because they will deliver the contents you need, and well, they might even exceed your expectations. We only accept writers after we see their sample articles and portfolio plus they go through different ability tests.

Is there a return policy?

Yes, after we deliver the content to you, you can review it for three days and ask for unlimited revisions within that timeframe.

How many revisions am I allowed to have?

You can ask for unlimited revisions but only for the three days that we gave you upon delivery of the content. Once the days are up, you have to decide if you will take the order or not.

Note: We may ask for another fee if you want us to re-write the whole article instead of just minor revisions.

How do I make sure that it isn’t copied content?

All our writers are well-trained and are professional on their own. We run the outputs through different tools like Grammarly (believe us, we do not like even a single grammatical error as well), and Copyscape to make sure we do not acquire plagiarism. Our writers take pride in what they do and disappointing you with their outputs will be a disappointment to them just as much.

Can I set a deadline for my contents?

Of course. Definitely. Absolutely. We can turnaround your orders in 24hours (or maybe less!) but keep in mind that it will depend on the topic. Our writers do intensive research to satisfy your needs, and sometimes it takes time. You tell us. We always give our 101% best to work on your timetable.

Can I request for a specific writer for all my projects?

If you want that specific writer’s style, tone, and consistency, we can talk about that. Your wish is our command.

In my behalf, can you post the contents on my website?
Can I request images for my contents?

Of course, we can! If you give us the right to have access to your site, then we will do the posting for you at no additional cost.

Yes, you may include free images request in your order instructions.

Who owns the copyright of the contents?

The ownership of the content transfers to you the moment you acknowledged to take it; use as you see fit. Maybe, give us some five stars? It will motivate us even more and will continue to provide you with great satisfaction.