Content Marketing Trends Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Content marketing is continuously innovating and changing every time. Depending on the industry you are in, some strategies and techniques would not be deemed applicable by the next year.

Content is one of the most vital components in any business marketing. Thus, entrepreneurs and brand owners should be aware of what is in, and what is hot that is relatively appropriate with their brand.

To help you this upcoming new year, here are some content marketing trends you should know:

1. Lengthier Forms of Content

In the past years in building content, it is always the shorter, the better. Next year, it would be more important for people to see content and have something intrinsically readable. More and more people are looking for a trustworthy and reliable source – product reviews, recommendations, and testimonials.

In 2019, the average required content for brands is more than 2,000 words to considered long. This way may encourage more social media shares, comments, and readership from users.

2. Videos Are Always A Good Idea

Video marketing is making its space to dominate content marketing. Audience love watching videos especially if they are creatively-executed and relatable. In fact, according to research, about 64% of people who were able to watch the video purchase the product after.

Towards the year 2021, video marketing traffic will increase up to at 82%. Entrepreneurs who utilize video as their marketing material would likely to elevate their revenue 49% sooner that other businesses do not.

When it comes to creating webinars and video snippets, you should always consider producing contents that are:

  • Engaging
  • Creative
  • Mobile-friendly; and
  • Unique

3. Chatbots Are The Next Big Thing

People would love to have access to customer service anytime in the day and anywhere they are. Chatbots will play a vital role in your business’ success, hence must be prioritized.

Customer Service is essential to any business accomplishments. Audiences relay so much to having their questions answered and have a go-to point person to communicate their concern.

4. Social Media Will Continue To Boom

Every business today utilizes social media, and that is wise. In 2019, social media platforms will continue to bring more awareness, sales, and revenue to the company. The more present a brand is, the more likely it will be successful in terms of profit.

There is a continuous growth in utilizing social media outlets like Facebook. Entrepreneurs should consistently upload content.

5. Verified Contents

People crave for the truth, especially for brands. Overpromising may lead people to be skeptical. The audience are wiser; hence they are always in the know of reading and verifying if claims are accurate or factual. Always go for what is right and forget false information that can jeopardize your brand.

Content marketing is not just about what you post; you also need to maintain engagement with your clients, too. You do not have to do it alone, hiring skilled people is also the key to success and even manage more strategies at a time.


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