How Important is Content Marketing for Your Business?

The way consumers get information and perceive branded communication messages have changed due to flourishing demographic range, endorsement of interactive electronic, and emerging media utilization. Do you struggle with communicating and connecting with consumers? Content Marketing comes in.

Before anything else… is “content marketing” just a trend or a real deal?

This article hopes to make you understand content marketing, its importance, and how to incorporate it with your publication approach.

What Content Marketing Really is and How to Start?

Content Marketing Institute defines it as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”.

Basically, “content marketing” is neither an unsystematic post in social media rather an organized marketing approach. Begin setting a goal and program to have business acumen on how to do your online marketing strategy to achieve your objective.

Have a target set of market/ audience. Understand their wants, needs, and interests. Understand your audience, question– know their concerns, what exactly they need. What do you offer and your edge against others? Know and maximize your resources for your market to be informed, and be engaged.

Your content must be worthwhile, honest, and loyal to your audience. Monitor results. Pay attention. Understand why is it (not) working and more. That is how you improve and apply consistency.

Content Marketing: Why It Matters

Current prospects have a strong fondness for satisfying information but have equal defiant to the so-called “ballyhoo.” Mostly they research online before purchasing. After all, we, consumers must exercise due diligence in availing something.

People appreciate excellent content that leads them make informed decisions without feeling sold. Consumers nowadays rarely response to traditional advertising and sales tactics – true for both Business-to-consumer and Business-to-business customers.

A Roper Survey of business decision makers found that ”80% prefer to get information about a prospective purchase from articles instead of advertising. The same survey found that 70% say content makes them feel closer to the sponsoring company and 60% say content helps them make better buying decisions”.2

It is Important to Search Portals

Google for one is just there and that’s where you should be as well! Google’s modification in recent years progressively reward quality. Let’s understand what “quality” means to Google. Surely, it  is an updated and well-written content that is preferred. If you did it right, effective content will help you build customer relationships while avoiding “hard sell” tactics. It overall showcases your strength!


A good content marketing strategy drives profitable customer action. Every individual wants to deal with a business organization that understands them, I for one prefer that. Always remember that your market will trust you more if their friends, shares your content. Content marketing gives you the opportunity to earn credibility by creating messages that demonstrate how your product or service can make a positive difference in the lives of your prospects.


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